Sealzi Terms of Use

User agreement and privacy policy

If You downloaded Our Software (doesn't matter from where - Internet, official site or otherwise) or purchased it (on Our website) or using it or if it installed on your device this means that you agree with Our terms of use.

In this agreement:
"Software" means "Elsi - Smart Voice Assistant", product(s) that was designed and developed by Sealzi and, you downloaded from Internet, including the programs, and other materials.
"We" or "Us" or "Our" means Sealzi, team that making Software and creating applications. "You" means end user of the Software.
"Services" means any applications, programs, services, features or functions that was made by Sealzi.
"Website" or "official site" means "" and ""

If You don't agree with Our terms of use, privacy policy, refund policy and etc. You can't use Our Software.

This agreement allows you to use the Software under the terms and conditions below:
1. We own Our Software under copyright. Our Software, it's algorhitms, designs and etc. protected by copyright. All Our application, programs, logos, names, designs and etc. are trademarks of Sealzi.
2. You can use this Software if You are six (6) years old or over the age of six (6). If You are less than six (6) years old, You can't use Our Software.
3. You can't sell, lease, loan, rent or otherwise transfer Our Software to third-parties.
4. You can't share Our Software by any means (in the Internet, via physical drive or otherwise).
5. You can't modify Our Software, You can't copy or adapt Our Software.
6. You can't use other programs, applications, software or etc. to access, read or modify data and algorhitms of Our Software.
7. Our Software can contain errors and bugs. You can inform Us about bugs and errors in Our Software (via Email adress or website form). We may fix this error or bug but we don't guarantee this.
8. Our Software "Elsi" uses third-party apllications installed on Your device such as: Your default browser, music and video players and etc that is not made by Us, so We are not responsible for these programs. If You use these applications (even via "Elsi") You agree with terms of that applications.
9. We can't guarantee that results of searches (web and others) and other queries, which "Elsi" gave You, can suit You.
10. You will try to protect Our Software on Your device (PC, laptop, any other) from theft.
11. You can't use Our Software if Your actions can harm Our Software or other users.
12. Our Software "Elsi" uses third-party providers to make voice recognition. These voice recognition systems can misrecognize or misunderstand You, Your speech or Your voice. We are not responsible for third-party voice recognition systems and how they recognize voice.
13. You can use Our Software (and other products) for legitimate purposes only. You are responsible for complying with all laws applicable to Your use of Our Software and Services.
14. This Software is provided "as is" and is without warranty of any kind, including any express warranties of merchantability. You assume full responsibility for the selection and use of the Software to achieve the intended results and acknowledge that if You misuse the Software, you may damage your files, Software and data. We are not responsible for any loss or loss of data caused by the use of this program. You agree that You use the Software at your own risk and that you are solely responsible for any damages and losses incurred as a result of using Services.
15. The Software is not fault-tolerant and is not designed, manufactured, or intended for use in hazardous purposes. You can't use the Software for improper purposes, such as death, injury, or serious physical or environmental damage. We specifically disclaim any implied or implied warranties of fitness for a particular risk to the Software or any portion thereof.
16. We may collect Your information such as Your Email, Name, Status and all You entering via the website form or letter from mail and etc.
17. We may send You an email with updates on new old Software, about new Software and etc. We won't spam You with helpless information and advertisements.
18. We don't collect and use Your information to identify You as a person. We collect information to improve Our Services.
19. We don't share, trade, sell or otherwase transfer Your information to third-parties.
20. We use Google Analytics ( to monitor and analyze traffic of our Website.

We can change, modify or edit these Terms of Use, Policies and etc. at any time without notice